Do’s and Don’ts on How to Negotiate Your Salary

by Nancy Rodriguez July 6, 2019

Salary is one of those things that most people find intimidating and avoid talking about it or asking during a job interview.  Knowing how to negotiate salary is a valuable skill that can get you the salary you deserve. There are many things that people are not sure as to when is the right time to ask for salary, whether or not the salary offer is fair and you are fairly compensated. Does the pay aligns with career level, your education, skill set, abilities and what you have to offer.

Here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts

Do your Homework and do research

Doing your salary research prior to applying or interviewing will get you prepare of what your job is worth in the market. There is a zillion different websites that provide salary surveys but be cautious make reasonable comparison as salaries differ from one industry to another. Research should only be based on similar industries, for example comparing a fortune 500 company to a fortune 100 company or privately held is not a good comparison.

Do make the best impression.

It is important that you make a positive impression not just in your initial interview, but also when having those second interviews.

Do highlight your value

Show your prospective employer what you have contributed to your prior roles and how you have contributed to your organization’s success. Focus on your accomplishment and the wealth of knowledge and value that you would add to their organization. Don’t be shy to talk about yourself, but don’t over do it.  Focus on your skills, experience and education. Review the job description and let the interviewer know how your values are aligned with the company’s strategic goals.

Do share with the Interviewer your findings

Employers do appreciate when a potential candidate presents relevant data. In fact, it will show the employer that you have done the research and often employers may be relying on data that is no longer relevant and may make the adjustments necessary to remain competitive.

Do remain professional

It is important to remain professional even if the offer is not what you expected. Getting upset would not be helpful.

Here are some Don’ts

  • Do not focus on Money and do not bring salary at the start of the interview.  This is too soon to ask, instead talk about you and how your skills will add value to the organization.
  • Don’t say yes to the job offer letter right away. Look at all factors and also does the job offer letter is reflective of your actual worth?
  • Don’t wait for the job offer to talk about salary either. You may want to provide a range of what you are looking your salary to be, again based on your research and your worth.
  • Don’t just only focus on the salary, consider other factors that can assist you make a decision. Look at the total compensation package. Does the company pay for health, dental, vision or other benefits these can add value to the offer.
  • Don’t give up so quickly if they say ‘No’ to asking for more money. There is no need to accept a role that will not pay you your value.  Negotiate other perks that can add value to your offer. Someone told me once everything is negotiable and if you don’t ask you would always wondered.

It may not come as easy at first, but if you keep practicing your negotiation skills it can be learned.  You don’t want to start a job and thinking that you are been underpaid. This is not a good start and it can cause stress as it may not meet your financial needs or the value that you bring to the new organization.

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