Fostering a Winning Culture

Posted July 13, 2019

Having a great workplace culture takes the involvement of everyone in the organization. Building a great workplace culture will help draw the best talent to the organization and will increase productivity.

Culture begins with developing a strong company purpose ant the values that guide the people. Building a company culture that reflects what your organization vision, mission and core values are will provide the environment where your employees can thrive, and the organization can in turn be successful.

Creating a winning culture takes a lot of planning and effort, it takes work. Here is a list on how you can start.

Foster a Team Environment

In today’s organizations must people want to feel as they are part of a group. Allowing individuals to come together and work in projects adds value and also allows for diverse ideas and creativity contributing to the success of the organization.

Provide a Work-Life Balance

This is very important as in today’s changing work environment employees are expected to react quicker due to technology, even when they go away from vacation there is a level of expectancy especially if you are at a management level to respond to calls, texts and emails. If your business can offer flexible schedules instead of the traditional 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule or to work remotely in occasions

Reward and Recognize and Provide Incentives

Employees feel vested in a company that invest in them.  There are many ways that an organization can invest in their employees as having more perks, reimbursement for gym membership, offering employee ownership, stock options. It is important to show appreciation for the contributions that the team members make, so creating a culture where employees feel encourage and appreciative and happier would make them want to stay longer with the organization.

Share the Vision of the Organization

Organizations who have a well written vision statement are focused on a collective effort.  This is key to build a strong culture as it provides a better understanding of what it is that needs to be accomplished and how the team will achieve it. Employees need to know they are important to the company and the greater purpose that they serve, and the leaders of the organization need to continuously articulate what the vision is to its employees.

Focus on Your Employees

When you take care of your employees they will want to do the same back for the organization. Creating a culture where employees feel value and supported and where they feel they can continue to grow and develop. Really showing that you care about your team and creating trust

Culture is important and is not something that just happens. It requires an active role of all participants, the organization and the employees.

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