Interview Process and Tools your Organization Should Have

by Nancy Rodriguez July 20, 2019

Changes in technology are having a tremendous impact on recruiting strategies and the interview process. Putting your recruiting efforts to attract the best talent is important, but also sharpening your interviewing skills and improving your interview process is as important.

Here are some useful process and innovations to help you with your interview process:

Train Managers on Interviewing Skills

Managers who may not have the skills on how to conduct thorough interviews must be trained. During the interview process managers should be focusing in assessing the candidate’s skills and abilities and whether they meet the requirements you the position and the culture of the company.

Video Interviews

Video interviewing has become more and more common as organization expand their search nationality through social media attracting a wider range of candidates. Video Interviews makes it convenient for the candidate and it eliminates the need to travel.  Live video interviews are a way to interview those remote candidates that is more personal than a phone call.

The on-demand video interviews have also gained popularity. This is a one-way video interview where the candidate answers questions and they record themselves. This are very structured every candidate gets the same questions and it is easier to evaluate candidates using the same consistent criteria.

Virtual Reality Assignments

Virtual reality is also making it to the world of recruiting.  Companies can test a candidate’s skills by providing simulated 3-D environment to test them on how they approach and solve tasks.

Internet is an Important Resource

The internet has revolutionized recruiting, there are so many platforms available to the hiring manager LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook networking groups and beyond.

Candidates continue to use the internet not just to search for jobs, but they are using it as a self-marketing platform by leveraging all its tools, social media, digital postilions and even having their own personal website.

Soft Skills Assessment Software

There is an increase on software’s that can measure a candidate’s soft skills for a very specific role which can be share with the hiring team.  High tech tools such as Koru and Pymetrics can assess a candidate’s teamwork, flexibility and can predict job performance.

Job Auditions

Job auditions are gaining popularity as it provides the opportunity to see the candidate on action and provide more of a realistic sense of their skills. So, both the candidate and the organization can get a real sense of whether they can pass the test.

There are many ways to make the process better, training your hiring team to perform better interviews, introducing new ways for interviewing and convenience.  More and more organizations are relying on technology to help them interview more objectively and making better hiring decision. Tools like video interviewing and virtual reality have change the traditional interviewing with so many advances in technology the next decade will have a whole new added process for talent acquisition.

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