Social Media at the Workplace and How It Can Enhance Workplace Productivity

By Nancy Rodriguez July 21, 2019

Social media is everywhere, most businesses advertise in social platforms their products and services. There is this believe that social media affects the workplace negatively, but social media is actually beneficial for companies as it increases efficiencies and better productivity.

Here are five ways to encourage the use of social media at your workplace to increase efficiency

Research and Networking

More employees are going to the social platforms to exchange ideas and to network with other colleagues. By encouraging your employees to use the social networking available they can reach a greater number of people and share information about the company or any new product s the company wishes to promote. If employees are sharing great things about the company then this is elevating the employer brand and it is free marketing for the company.

Social Media has also changed the way recruiting is done. Many employers are using professional sites such as LinkedIn to seek for talent and fill positions and expand their reach to candidates.

Opens the communication lines

Social media allows for an environment where ideas and input are valued, and employees tend to feel empowered. The company wins in getting more ideas, improvements, and feedback that could benefit their business.

More employees are going to their social network to assist them with problems or for additional information or feedback on a project or just recommendations on the where, the what and the how. This creates better collaboration amongst the team as they are able to obtain answers quicker. It can also be beneficial to obtain and improve services through the feedback that is obtain.

Productivity Increases

When employees are allowed to connect with those on social networks or catch up with friends and family   at their leisure their productivity tends to increase.  Research shows that breaks are link to the productivity of an employee. The difference today is that this is happening virtually and connecting with others creates a happier environment. Employees who take those mini breaks are able to focus on their task and be more efficient. Having an online presence is advantageous for the company and it can generate higher profits. By facilitating the use of social media there is an immediate boost in morale.

Encourages Collaboration

There are many tools available in the market that encourages collaboration for example tools that improve meetings. It allows for meetings to be discussed, provide more feedback and higher participation by those who may be introverts and would rather pose a question through the platform.

Social tools also allow for employees to communicate with customers and strengthen their professional relationships with individuals outside the enterprise. This can be of great benefit as it can bring new opportunities to the business. Some other tools that can encourage collaboration are video conferencing, instant messaging tools, platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.  Facebook makes it convenient for all purpose of communication and shared information instantly.

New employees can connect with other employees from all over the business. Especially if they are located in different countries and can share and discuss content.

Most workplaces limit the amount of time use on social media during work hours. Allowing employees to use their social media platform can actually grow your business and improve your business bottom-line. In today’s fast-paced, globalized workplace environment engaging employees in social media will transform the way your company will impact and will add a valuable opportunity to gain insight innovation and feedback.  It will create a more engaged and productive workforce.

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