Things Every HR Department Must Start Doing

by Nancy Rodriguez July 27, 2019

Many Human resources department have many functions depending on the size of the organization they may be managing payroll, training and development, recruitment and selection, compliance with legal employment issues.   They are responsible for evaluating employees and handling interviews, employment engagement programs and much more.

There are things that the HR department of every company should be doing to improve the general running of the business and improving productivity.

New Technology

Investing in new technology can turn repetitive work into one that is automated, which can help HR professionals to run a more efficient department and focus instead in aligning with the strategic goals of the organization.

Investment in a human resources information system that can manage employee’s data and files for easy retrieval, onboarding processes, benefits, compensation, files transfer to other vendors such as your 401k and health benefits enrollments and terminations, performance reviews would  free up significant time that is spent by the staff and instead this time can be use for more  important projects. 

Consolidating Systems for Efficiency

By consolidating multiple systems, it can streamline processes and free up a significant amount of administrative time that takes to manage multiple systems. Instead of having several systems to manage payroll, time management, benefits, a unified system can minimize the time spend on managing various data entry, which can guarantee less mistakes. With an integrated software solution, it can send reminders when reviews are due or when an employee’s work authorization is about to expire.  Having one system that can manage the employee’s data, internal communication and even production reports can improve employee satisfaction and makes it easier to maintain and spend more time in helping the organization achieve its goals.

Develop a consistent brand profile for hiring

The HR department plays an integral role in the recruitment brand of the organization. This branding needs to be the same throughout including internal information, recruitment advertising and as the business grows you must ensure that it is consistent.  Everyone in the organization that meets the candidate plays an important role in sharing the same brand message that is consistent.

The HR department must communicate with candidate about their status in the process even with those candidates who have not been selected preferably by using an automated technology to generate a message to them.

Take an active role in Performance Management

Employees want to know how they are performing whether is good or bad, and as long as it is constructive and leads to growth.

Many managers may not complete performance reviews on time, or at all. Having a performance management software can help manage the review process and send alerts to the managers when an employee is due for his or her evaluation. This keep managers accountable across the organization to be able to set times with their direct reports and provide feedback. It is important that the HR department gets involved as to ensure managers are being consistent and everyone is receiving performance reviews within the same cycle and avoiding any type of claims such as discrimination, preferences or favoritism.   

By investing in technology and integrating the systems the HR department can spend more time in meeting the company goals.

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