Why is Employer Branding So Important?

by Nancy Rodriguez, July 28, 2019

An employer brand is the face of the company.  It reflects all the great things that makes up the company.  Employer branding is how you attract and engage potential employees and how top talent becomes aware of what makes your organization an attractive place to work for.

Your branding must tell the story of who the company is, what you stand for, why are you doing it and where are you going. This allows for a potential candidate to learn what it is like to work for your organization.  It is basically the mission, vision and core values of the organization

When you don’t have a strong employer brand, top talent becomes unaware of the unique perks that make your company great or if they even want to work at your organization.

Make Your Organization Attractive by marketing all the reasons that is unique

Having a strategy to attract top talent is as vital as making your organization stand out from other competing companies.  Employer branding is important to attract top talent. All the benefits and perks that the company offers should be emphasized. As well as the organization and its employee’s involvement in environmental issues. Many millennials would rather work for organizations who demonstrate care for their environment and would select this rather than higher pay.

Culture has become a determining factor for candidates in choosing which companies they would want to invest the next couple of years. If there are fun and interesting events that your company holds, make sure to properly capture them via high resolution photos or video and post them on either the company blog or social media outlets.

Build a Strong Company Culture through your employees

Engage everyone in the organization to build and promote a strong company culture. Your employees are your best ambassadors of your brand encourage them to share and create their own content such as tweets, phots and videos through their social media networks. provide them with a platform where they can share their story about their experience of working for your company. Candidates are most likely to trust someone’s review who works at the organization and trust their feedback about the culture of the organization. Your employees can also highlight the great work your company or themselves are doing in the community and you can also encourage your customers to share their stories.

It is important when selecting a candidate to not just pay attention to their hard skills, but also their soft skills and how they fit with the company’s culture. Involving not just the direct manager in the recruiting process but also other members of the organization to make sure they meet the company’s values and standards.

 Publicize Your Culture

There are many ways an employer can publicize their culture either creating short videos of people at work and what their everyday lives may be like.  By telling stories a candidate may gain insights about the company and its people.

The organization’s website is another place to publicize your culture as most candidates looking for a job or information about your organization will visit your page. Your career website should reflect the company’s mission, culture and values, it should highlight other employees in the organization, having a section for example that reflects some of the people that works at the organization.

Social media platforms would be another place to publicize the company culture, either through Instagram photos of employees having fun or celebrating some achievement. There are many ways to be creative and activate participation from employees to propagate the company’s culture, but of course it must be a culture the employees are proud to talk about. This way employees contribute to building your employer brand and help spread the word.

Candidates have many choices to choose the right employer for them and in order to compete for top talent your organization must make every effort to stand from competitors. By having a strong employer branding your organization can attract top talent and retain their current employees.

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